We are an Arizona distributor of high-quality organic mattresses



"Better living through chemicals" was an idea marketed to Americans for years. And while there's no doubt our lives have been improved in many ways through technology, we've learned much about how toxins and other indoor pollutants can negatively affect our health.


Indoor pollutants such as dust, allergens, toxic residues (from cleansers, for example), fumes and gasses emitted by plastic- and petro-chemical-based products and other irritants, are largely transparent in our daily lives. Unlike the "brown cloud" urban residents see daily, these pollutants are virtually invisible. They damage our bodies over time. And sometimes we find out about the danger after it's too late.


Our president Mr. Windstein through extensive research because of his own sensitivities discovered many factors which contribute to poor indoor air quality: toxic gases, chemicals, dust, mold, bacteria and smoke are just a few on the list of contributors poisoning our indoor environments. Mr. Windstein was further amazed to find out how many people have been affected by poor indoor air quality; especially those with allergies and asthma.


Through customer response and demand for non-toxic solutions, and the knowledge that Mr. Windstein had acquired, EcoClean and the "Healthy Home Concept" was established as well as Arizona Organic Mattresses.